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We are a full time family business, run out of our home on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Kimberly - jewelry designer, healer, poet and webmistress

Kimberly is the single mama of four beautiful children, and caretaker of 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 potbelly piggie, 1 box turtle, 2 gorgeous standardbred horses, 1 Arab/ Standardbred pony, 1 welsh pony, 5 peahens, and 36 eclectic free ranging chickens (at last count anyways!!!). You could say she has been an animal lover her entire life. When her parents tried to find her at family gatherings as a young child, they would only have to look to find the nearest pet! She brought every stray pet she could find home (much to her mum's dismay!)

In December of 2004 her lifelong dream of owning a farm finally came true, and the entire family picked up and moved two provinces away to idyllic and peaceful Prince Edward Island.

Kimberly - the designer
Kimberly is an experienced jewelry artisan who seeks to include significance and symbolism in her designs. As a facilitator of a grief support group, Kimberly is keenly aware of the importance and healing benefit of memorial keepsakes to those in mourning.

Oftentimes our animal companions are the only safe place we have to land, the only ones we can turn to for unconditional love and companionship. We share so many good times, and bad times, they become entertwined in our daily family. When they die we are left with such a hole in our hearts. Grief takes time...and grieving is hard work. Often people try to help us to "get over it" by trying to downplay the importance of our pet friends in our lives, in hopes that it will lessen our pain - when in fact we feel even more lonely and abandoned in our sadness.

Kimberly has created her line of Pet Memorial Jewelry to help fill this need to have our grief acknowledged, to provide a way to celebrate our pet's life and memory, and to carry them with us. She has worked for years creating healing jewelry for healing from loss (miscarriage, infant loss, and loss of loved ones), and began to see the need that people have to heal from the loss of their pets. One of her favourite quotes from her grief work is " A broken heart is a broken heart." You cannot have any one upmanship in grief. Grief after the loss of a loved one, be they a tiny baby, an adult or an animal, is devastating and painful.

Our personal experience with pet loss....

Tradgedy hit our own family hard this year when we lost our beloved cat Liefje, our furbaby of 15 years, on the road. The person who hit him did not even have the decency to let us know, even though it was right in front of our driveway. I was devastated. I still am. Liefje was a rare and special friend, a constant in my life since I was a teenager. The grief was hard and real. I thought that dealing with grief every day in my work, I might be better equipped, but I wasn't. There is no place to escape the raw emotion of losing a beloved friend.

We also lost Annie, our 23 year old pony. Annie was a first pony for my daughter. A pony to call her own. She was an absolute saint. Our 4 year old could crawl in and out of her legs, without every having to worry for his safety, she was just that kind and reliable. When she passed quickly and suddenly to colic in the middle of the night, we were all devastated. To have to make the very real burial arrangements for her, was worse than words can express. She will be missed by all of us - but by my daughter most of all...

I dedicate this site and this work to both of them, and to all of the pets we have loved and lost...

Combining symbols with the powerful sense of a tangible item to wear and touch during the day, she believes can be a powerful tool to help us to heal; by drawing our attention back to what is happening in our body, our mind, our soul at that exact moment - and to what needs our focused energy and compassion to heal.

Certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner in traditional Usui Reiki (trained with Reiki Master and energy healer Roland Berard in Montreal), much of her current work holds a focus on healing, with a desire to reach out to those in need of comfort and strength, with empathy and compassion for their current experience. She strives to create jewelry that will inspire her clients on their healing journey. Any of the items on this site may be imbued with the healing energy of Reiki, which will provide you with the soothing and healing benefits of a Reiki treatment. Please inquire about creating a special Reiki piece to help you in your current situation.

Kimberly enjoys working closely with her clientele to create a piece that is everything they dreamed it would be. With her healing pieces she strives to create a piece for her clients that is exactly what they need to help them through their current experience; to recognise their inherent strength, lend compassion, and illuminate hope for the future.

Our Animals- Our inspiration!
(by no means a definitive list, we have many, many more, :) )

(our rescue mare)
Hill (hilly)
cute baby pony
Jezebel (kitty)
and Japhy (dog)
Portobello (pig)
Lester (chihuahua)
potbelly piggie
Chicken in the
coop door
our peacock
Barty, Rocky and Avalanche (roosters, yes, they ALL have names, lol)
(14 yr old chihuahua)

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