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Pet Memorial Jewelry Gift Vouchers
(Gift Certificates)

We understand that when shopping for the perfect gift for a cherished loved one, friend or colleague that it can sometimes be very difficult to decide on what they would like best. This can be especially difficult, if the reason for the gift is deeply personal. For this reason, we have created these gift vouchers.

To purchase a gift voucher in the amount of your choosing, please fill out the simple form below. We recommend that you read the Gift Vouchers Explained information below.
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Gift Vouchers Explained.

Buying the Gift Voucher

  1. You fill out the form above and click the Buy Now Button
  2. This brings you to the first page of our shopping cart where you can see the item(s) currently in your cart
  3. On the first page of our cart, there is a "Special requests and/or gift messages to be included:" text box where you can tell us if you would like us to email the Gift Voucher code directly to the recipient or to yourself. We are also willing to mail out a physical card with your Gift Voucher code. Please just let us know what you would prefer.
  4. At this point you can decide to Go to Payments or Continue Shopping by using the buttons at the bottom of the page.
  5. Once your order looks complete in the shopping cart, you then use the Go to Payments button and complete your transaction.
  6. We are then notified of your order and will create a Gift Voucher code for you and deliver it based on how you asked us to (email, physical card, etc.). This will usually happen on the following business day.

Redeeming the Gift Voucher

  1. The recipient of the Gift Voucher shops on our site and chooses the item(s) they wish to purchase.
  2. When they are ready to check out, they enter the Gift Voucher into the "Gift voucher" field on the first page of our shopping cart and click on RECALCULATE.
  3. The amount of the Gift Voucher will be deducted from the total of the order. N.B. The entire amount of a voucher has to be used or our shopping cart will not allow the order to be completed and only one Gift Voucher per transaction can be used.
  4. When they are done shopping, they click the Go to Payments button and complete their transaction.

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